Tsuniverse is a group of magical dumbasses who can't properly post an image, from the planet TRANS-5. In secret, they have been performing homosexual sex in order to awaken their goddess, a half man/woman known as Agdistis to bring a new order of terror and chaos to the Terraria universe. They use various tactics to further their cause, such as performing cyber on their all-male counter parts, and acting as 'fake-gangsters' to hide their apparent love for eachother. Although there are countless members of the Tsuniverse organization, there are six main leaders, one for every color of the rainbow. Each color has a theme: Red is for prolapsed anus, Orange is for blue, Yellow is for Donald Trump, Green is for the moments they cherish, Blue is for the hard times their love has endured, and Purple is for cybering. Rumor has it that if you sit a dildo out on your front doorstep before midnight, a member of Tsuniverse will magically show up on your door step and guide you to the great Tsuniverse planet; filled with flowers, marshmallows, cotton candy, chocolate rivers and lube. [[File:Enchanted-unicorn.jpg|thumb|300px|right]]